Jonette Murray - N.Z Artist  
  • Early release - new works

    6 April at 19:01 from atlas

    With all the craziness going on in the world right now,  I sincerely hope everyone is coping as well as they can, and that they are following the advice to self isolate.  This is a truly frightening time for all of us, and is especially hard on small businesses.  In order to support my gallery The Artists Room, and to help bring a little beauty to the world, I have decided to release three new works that are a part of my upcoming joint exhibition with the very talented Gemma Campbell.  The show was intended for August 2020, but with the Covid situation this is uncertain.  I will post on here and Facebook once we know what is going to happen. Please visit my Facebook page to see the new works which are available now.

    Stay safe.