Jonette Murray - N.Z Artist  
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    15 October at 08:16 from atlas

    Jonette was born in 1974 and lived most of her life in Christchurch until moving to Wellington in 2006.  Art has always been an important outlet and passion for her.  Some of her fondest memories as a child were sitting quietly outdoors sketching flowers.  

    "I have always loved how I can loose myself in my art.  Perfectly isolated in a peaceful state, where time, hunger, worry or any other distraction has melted away to nothingness." 

    Over the years she mainly worked in pencil and pastel, but was often frustrated that her prefferred style of realism was discouraged by her teachers and the wider world.  Despite her love of art, she did not pursue a career in art until she was 28.  It was at this time she taught herself to paint.  Not long after this she began regularly exhibiting and selling paintings through Article Gallery in Christchurch.

    After moving to Wellington with her husband, Jonette exhibited and sold work at Van Helden Gallery in Eastborne for a short time.  However, starting a family put her love of painting on the back burner for some years.

    Jonette ran successful businesses over the years, but her passion for art could not be quelled.  As her children grew she was soon back painting, determined to develop her style and become a professional artist.

    "At that time my dining room was often a jumble of Lego, Playdough, flowers from the garden and a still life in progress.  It was the perfect snapshot of my life."

    Jonette studied different painting techniques, instructional videos and worked hard at improving her skill set.  Fitting in around the family often meant working late at night, painting till dawn on a regular basis.  During this time she began exhibiting and selling works through Bryce Gallery in Christchurch.  She continued working in this fashion for five years until her youngest child started kindergarten.  It was then that she could finally dedicate herself to her art.

    "I am fascinated with vintage objects because of their history.  To me they not only signify a connection with the past and the way things used to be, but they also represent endurance.  I often place these things along side fruits and flowers which represent life and its fleeting beauty.  Paring these objects together provides a contrast between the living and the forgotten, the fragility and celebration of life, and serve as a reminder of the importance of living in the moment."

    Over the past year, things have been moving very fast in Jonette's career.  She was chosen to participate in a group exhibition at Expressions Whirinaki Entertainment Center in Upper Hutt, where several of her works sold. She caught the attention of a reputable art dealer, and was soon offered representation by The Artists Room Fine Art Gallery in Dunedin.  Since then she has participated in several group shows, and sold a large number of works, many on the day they are listed.  Her first solo show in May was a huge success, with her next solo show booked in at the Artists Room in March 2019.  Her work is fast becoming collectible, with works being sold and commissioned throughout New Zealand, and internationally.